The Don Baker philosophy is based on the concept of what he calls being "open and outward." It's a concept that is centered on the woman's personality, more specifically her feelings, beliefs, attitudes and convictions, making her uniquely herself. That coincides with the fact he has always said the contestant must create the image of Miss America and Miss USA into the image of herself.

Because of proper preparation, understanding and, in the process, the natural avoidance of what he calls "the three fatal mistakes" that most contestants make, the woman is now so confident and comfortable with herself she can focus all of her attention on her environment including the people inside that environment. She's now "open and outward." Now she's unencumbered and unrestricted. She has a natural spontaneity and energy. Her presence is dominant. It impacts every phase of competition; not just the interview.

All phases of her communication skills and leadership skills are covered in the preparation. In the process she is now prepared to be Miss America or to be Miss USA as opposed to simply being prepared to win the title. This is why Don Baker's clients dominate the Top 10 and Top 15 finalists at Miss America and Miss USA year after year after year.


Yogi Berra, the famed New York Yankees’ catcher, once said “90 percent of baseball is half mental.” He’s was probably wrong. It’s more than half mental.

Athletes can be gifted naturally and trained to the max but still fall short of their goals because of one thing: attitude.

Don Baker’s philosophy of being “open and outward” transfers directly to the golf course, the tennis or basketball court or the football or baseball field. The athlete must take on the same “single mindedness of purpose to the virtual exclusion of everything else” that Miss USA or Miss America must take. The athlete must also avoid the same “three fatal mistakes” Miss USA or Miss America must avoid.

The athlete must have same dominance and presence to be at the top of his or her game. Don Baker can effectively teach the athlete how to develop and maintain that attitude.


Bill Clinton left the presidency having been the only elected president impeached (Andrew Johnson was not elected; he followed after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.), having been disbarred from legal practice, having disgraced his wife, daughter and the presidency himself and after having lied before a federal grand jury and the American public (“I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”) At the same time when he turned the presidency over to George W. Bush he had more than a 60 percent approval rating.

How can that happen? Simple. Morally, ethically and legally challenged as he was when in office, he will still go down as one of the great politicians of the 20th century.

Don Baker was once asked by a prominent Little Rock businessman if he ever worked with Bill Clinton. The response was no. The businessman responded by saying, “That’s interesting because Bill Clinton does everything you teach.”

It’s true. The man’s interpersonal skills are legendary. His listening skills are as good as one can get. His presence is dominant and supersedes his policies and political philosophy.

Policies without presence are essentially useless. Don Baker can advise you on policy if you wish. But more than anything he can teach you too how to take on a commanding and dominating presence in your bid for office. It all goes back to being “open and outward” and in the process selling not only your policies but more importantly yourself.


News anchors must deliver the news to be successful as opposed to simply reading the news from a teleprompter. They must be able to reach out through a camera lens and go right into the living room of families. They must establish a sense of trust and loyalty to remain at the top of the heap in ratings wars.

The “visualization process” used by successful people with respect to their interpersonal skills and interview skills are essentially employed here yet in a slightly different manner. The same applies to the reporter and interviewer whether it be hard or soft news.

Don Baker’s clients in television news have extraordinary interview skills. News directors have expressed their amazement in view of the fact his clients are typically younger than the station’s veteran reporters and anchors. Again, the concept of being “open and outward” forms the foundation for their success.


Many successful CEOs and senior management personnel are still horrified at the thought of standing up in front of associates or an outside group and giving a presentation.

A recent poll found the No. 1 fear of Americans was public speaking. Death was No. 2. Apparently some people really would rather die than speak.

Humorous as that may be the fact is the lack of speaking skills, interpersonal skills and interview skills are holding many a corporate person from scaling the corporate ladder.

Don Baker’s philosophy of being “open and outward” opens the door for these skills. He can teach you to become successful or even more successful with this concept adapted to the particular situation of that individual.

Interestingly most corporate people will take the same concept home with them and apply it to their marriage and how they raise their children. They’ll take it to the golf course or any other hobby with which they may be involved. The process is amazing in many respects including its diversity.


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